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Michael Davila, BC-HIS, HAS

Michael Davila, BC-HIS, HAS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Michael Davila is a board certified hearing specialist. Michael is originally from New York and received his education from Teco technical education school. He joined the hearing industry in 2007 when his good friend, Matt Pavone, helped spark his interest in helping people hear better. Michael loves to talk and communicate with others and thoroughly enjoys getting to know his patients and helping them hear better. Communication and making friends without hearing is very difficult and he wants his patients to know that every time they come into his clinic they will get treated with respect and positively. Michael enjoys playing basketball as well as watching all sports. He has a passion for traveling and loves going to the beach and learning new things such as real estate.

Craig Cramer, HAS

Craig Cramer, HAS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Craig Cramer is a Hearing Specialist/ HIS,HAS. Craig is originally from Inverness, FL. and moved to Cape Canaveral, FL. in 2017. Craig attended Citrus High School and started working at Hearing Healthcare Solutions in 2017. Craig began working in the hearing industry in 2015 and was drawn to the profession because a lifelong friend was helping people hear better and the ability to work with and help people better their lives was a great opportunity. What Craig loves most about saving hearing lives is the smiles on patients faces when they can hear again. Craig strives to improve the quality of hearing life in his everyday work with patients. Outside of saving hearing lives, Craig loves hobbies such as playing sports, watching movies and sports, as well as producing and listening to music.

Rosalie Rodriguez, HAS

Rosalie Rodriguez, HAS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Rosalie Rodriguez is a Hearing Aid Specialist. Rosalie is originally from Puerto Rico and moved to Florida in 2014. Rosalie attended Interamerican University in Puerto Rico for Hospitality & Tourism and worked in the hospitality industry until 2018 when she decided on a career change and began working in the hearing industry. Rosalie was immediately drawn to the hearing industry as she is passionate and motivated to help others. Outside of saving hearing lives, Rosalie loves to spend time with family, cook and on occasion kick box to keep healthy.

Scott Pitchford, HAS

Scott Pitchford, HAS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Scott Pitchford is a Hearing Aid Specialist. He moved from Bowling Green, Kentucky to the Deland/Volusia county area in 1981.  Scott attended Western Kentucky University and began helping people with their hearing in 2016 as part of the Audibel team.  Scott strives to help people improve their quality of life through better hearing.  He says, “it’s great to hear how a patient’s life has changed due to not straining to hear their loved ones anymore.”  Scott enjoys visiting with his daughters when they can get together and playing with his dogs.

Michael Bailey, HIS

Michael Bailey, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mike grew up in South Florida long before Disney arrived. Raised in a large family, he graduated from University of North Florida before moving to San Francisco. His attraction to the Bay Area was his enjoyment of year-round sailing. It was there, while employed at the Pacific Tribune Newspaper that he stopped into a hearing aid office in Daly City to do a story. During his interview with the owner, he was offered an opportunity to dig deeper into the business of hearing aids and he has never looked back. That was 33 years ago.

When asked what it was that captured his attention, Mike responds, “Hearing impaired coming in and asking for help, asking if there was something I could do to help the way they experience the world. It felt great to be able to say yes. Most occupations don’t offer that sort of gratification.” Hearing aids have changed a lot since Mike started in the field over three decades ago. His motto has become, “Embrace your patients but don’t embrace the technology because it keeps evolving into something better!” Make an appointment to see Mike and see what technology he is now sharing with his patients. There is no charge to have your hearing evaluated by Mike. He encourages everybody to come in at least once a year.

Sam Perez

Sam Perez

HIS Trainee

Welcome to the world where better hearing meets a personalized touch. I’m Sam, your dedicated hearing aid specialist trainee, committed to enhancing your world through improved hearing. With a blend of professional expertise and a heart that understands, I’m here to guide you through your journey to clearer, richer sound.

My passion for Hearing is more than just a profession; it’s a calling inspired by the intricate beauty of human connections. Outside the clinic, you’ll find me embracing life’s simple pleasures – from the therapeutic art of ceramics to the serene whispers of nature parks. My love for hiking not only keeps me grounded but also constantly reminds me of the importance of listening – to both nature’s symphony and the unique stories of those I meet.

What sets me apart? It’s my knack for reading people. Understanding your needs goes beyond the technical aspects of hearing aids. It’s about connecting, empathizing, and creating solutions that resonate with your lifestyle. Whether you’re a nature lover like me, an avid city goer, or someone who enjoys the quiet moments, I’m here to find the perfect hearing aid that complements your world.
In this fast-paced world, I believe in taking a moment to listen – truly listen. That’s why I’m committed to offering you not just a product, but an experience; one that brings clarity, comfort, and joy to your everyday moments

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Customer Reviews

Nicole was and is a fantastic professional. She is kind, respectful and very attentive. I am very glad that I went to Audibel and that Nicole was there to attend my Audiogram needs. 100% recommended.

Jaime & Katie Gonzalez- Mussler, on Google

Nicole was very patient with my 92 year old mother and did a very thorough test. We were agreeable with the hearing aid offerings and prices presented to us/her. I would definitely recommend the University Blvd location.


Mike and Sam were very accommodating and informative. They took the time to go through a thorough analysis to determine our needs

Rayman Hassad, on Google

Thorough free hearing exam. They answered all of our questions. Clear explanation of pricing. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

Ricardo Rodriguez, on Google

This hearing office Audible Hearing Center has been very nice and very helpful with my hearing Aids I would recommend them as a 5 star for sure

Shirley Davenport, on Google

I really appreciate how kind the people were there and how they worked with me to get me the best deal for a really good set of hearing aids! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend them for your hearing aids, especially to our fellow snow birds.

Saundi Brown, on Google

(DR.)Bailey that I saw for the first time. Was extremely helpful and knowledgeable after a year and a 1/2 of doing business with audible. I got great information. That was never given to me before. At my Appointments . I'm so please that they will be in the Titusville area...

Shirley Bargery, on Google

You know a company believes in customer first when they take care of someone else’s customer. My mom, visiting from Illinois had problems with her hearing aids. Audible Hearing Center sells Starsky which she has. They treated her like she had bought them from her and the hearing aids weren’t...

Cathy Denman, on Google

Audibel Hearing is a great office to go to. They are very professional and have great knowledge on all types of hearing aids. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is so nice to have Mr. Bailey here in our Titusville office and full time.

Regina Krampert, on Google

They are great at Audible. The Office/receptionist. Is kind, helpful, and totally takes care of all your needs. The man that did my Mom's hearing test. Was very compassionate, and understanding with my Senior Mom. Made her very comfortable. Soon she will have new hearing aides. To help her hear...

Pam Parks, on Google

If you are considering hearing aids and don't want to risk OTC products, go to a professional at Audibel Hearing Center in Sebring, FL. John Scaglione and his assistant, Angie, are friendly, professional and efficient. And they provide great customer service during and after the sale! Highly recommend!

Brian Estee, on Google

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