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Trust your ears to SoundGear

The sound of gun blasts, power tools and industrial machines can damage hearing in a heartbeat. Yet hunters, recreational shooters and workers need to hear clearly to be safe and successful.

SoundGear electronic hearing protection devices answer both needs in a single product — digitally enhancing environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from loud noises like gun blasts and engines.

We are proud to fit SoundGear

Made by Starkey — America’s premier provider of hearing solutions — SoundGear instruments feature advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound eight times over traditional hearing protection products. That same technology simultaneously detects loud impulse noises as they happen, instantly and automatically suppressing them to protect your hearing.

Introducing Phantom

We’re excited to fit Phantom, the world’s first custom, Bluetooth, rechargeable hearing protection and enhancement device. Phantom delivers benefits no other product can:

  • Automatic protection from loud sounds and gun shots.
  • Hear conversations and environmental sounds with ease. 
  • Custom-molded to your ear for a comfortable, personalized fit.
  • Stream calls, music or other audio wirelessly from your phone.
  • One, overnight charge ensures you’re powered all day long.

SoundGear is ideal for hunters, shooters, industrial and construction workers, even military personnel and police officers.

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Customer Reviews

Nicole was and is a fantastic professional. She is kind, respectful and very attentive. I am very glad that I went to Audibel and that Nicole was there to attend my Audiogram needs. 100% recommended.

Jaime & Katie Gonzalez- Mussler, on Google

Nicole was very patient with my 92 year old mother and did a very thorough test. We were agreeable with the hearing aid offerings and prices presented to us/her. I would definitely recommend the University Blvd location.


Mike and Sam were very accommodating and informative. They took the time to go through a thorough analysis to determine our needs

Rayman Hassad, on Google

Thorough free hearing exam. They answered all of our questions. Clear explanation of pricing. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

Ricardo Rodriguez, on Google

This hearing office Audible Hearing Center has been very nice and very helpful with my hearing Aids I would recommend them as a 5 star for sure

Shirley Davenport, on Google

I really appreciate how kind the people were there and how they worked with me to get me the best deal for a really good set of hearing aids! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend them for your hearing aids, especially to our fellow snow birds.

Saundi Brown, on Google

(DR.)Bailey that I saw for the first time. Was extremely helpful and knowledgeable after a year and a 1/2 of doing business with audible. I got great information. That was never given to me before. At my Appointments . I'm so please that they will be in the Titusville area...

Shirley Bargery, on Google

You know a company believes in customer first when they take care of someone else’s customer. My mom, visiting from Illinois had problems with her hearing aids. Audible Hearing Center sells Starsky which she has. They treated her like she had bought them from her and the hearing aids weren’t...

Cathy Denman, on Google

Audibel Hearing is a great office to go to. They are very professional and have great knowledge on all types of hearing aids. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is so nice to have Mr. Bailey here in our Titusville office and full time.

Regina Krampert, on Google

They are great at Audible. The Office/receptionist. Is kind, helpful, and totally takes care of all your needs. The man that did my Mom's hearing test. Was very compassionate, and understanding with my Senior Mom. Made her very comfortable. Soon she will have new hearing aides. To help her hear...

Pam Parks, on Google

If you are considering hearing aids and don't want to risk OTC products, go to a professional at Audibel Hearing Center in Sebring, FL. John Scaglione and his assistant, Angie, are friendly, professional and efficient. And they provide great customer service during and after the sale! Highly recommend!

Brian Estee, on Google

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